Organizations and community resources for adoptees.

Families with Children from China: FCC is a nonprofit organization supporting Chinese adoptees and their families and friends. Founded in the early 1990s in Manhattan as a parent support group, and expanding to a nation-wide network, our members include adoptive parents, Chinese adoptees and their siblings and other relatives, as well as friends of the organization.

International Korean Adoptees Association: IKAA was first established in Europe in 2004 and then in the United States later the same year. The impetus for the creation of the IKAA Network came from a desire for unity within the adult Korean adoptee community and to provide a space where ideas, information and resources could be shared.

China’s Children International: Founded in 2011, China’s Children International (CCI for short) is one of the first international support, networking, and community organizations created by and for Chinese adoptees. We aim to empower Chinese adoptees from all over the world by providing an inclusive and supportive community for all of us who share this common beginning. 

Adopt Teen: Started in 2007, Adopteen is a community founded by teens, organized by adoptees, for adoptees, as a reaction to the lack of Chinese adoptee role models and community in our lives, at the time. We are the young adult adoptee “culture” focused on the young adult adoptee experience, having a responsibly irresponsible amount of fun, living loud and doing good.

Intercountry Adoptee Voices: To educate, support, connect, collaborate, galvanise and give voice to intercountry adoptees from around the world. Providing a safe supportive forum for adoptees to form their views and opinions while they grow through out their lifelong adoption journey. Encouraging intercountry adoptees and intercountry adoptee-led groups to speak out and push for the rights of intercountry adoptees and original families. Raising awareness in the community of the complexities involved in intercountry adoption on both the micro and macro levels. Speaking out about the negative effects of intercountry adoption especially those of trafficking, rehoming, deportation / citizenship and abuse.